Media player engine that is based on DirectShow technology

Download DSEngine + Demo player

Author: Alex Zhyrytovskyi (2008-2013)
DSP Filter based on sources of DC-DSPFilter by Milenko Mitrovic

1. What this engine looks like?
- It is just a library that has name DSEngine.dll
2. For what programming languge it is designed?
- It is designed for Delphi programming language
3. How to use this library?
- First, copy DSEngine.dll and DSEngine.pas to your project directory
- Than, add DSEngine to uses list: uses DSEngine; - Finally, write single line of code: Player.PlayFile('c:\song.mp3'); 4. How to install codecs for this engine?
- This engine is dependent on system codecs, so to support all media formats you need to install some codec pack, for example K-Lite Codec Pack